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Unexplained Absences Procedures

  1. If your child is not going to be in school, please call the office on 01535 210666 to report their absence. Please do this by 9:00am. Any messages that are communicated via DoJo will not be accepted and we will still contact you regarding your child’s absence.
  2. If we have not heard from you by 9:30am a PING! reminder will be sent to you. If we still do not receive a response by 10:15am, then we will start to call the primary and secondary contact numbers you have provided in order to gain an explanation for the absence.
  3. If we still have been unable to ascertain where your child is, the Welfare Inclusion Co-Ordinator may make a home visit to your home address. This procedure is to ensure that we know where your child is and that you are all safe.

Leave of Absence

One application should be completed for all children in the family who attend Silsden Primary School.

Pupils attend school for a maximum of 190 days each academic year.  Full attendance is vital for your child’s educational progress.  Bradford Council expects all parents/guardians to ensure that their children attend school whenever possible.  Absences due to holidays, taken during term time can seriously impact on a pupil’s academic attainment.  The law states that Headteachers can only authorise leave of absence in exceptional circumstances.

If your child’s leave of absence is not authorised or your child fails to return on the agreed date, you could be subject to a Penalty Fine of £60 (per parent, per child) being issued by Bradford.

If you wish to apply for leave of absence for your child, please complete this form and return it to school at least two weeks before the intended departure clearly stating the exceptional circumstances that mean the absence from school is unavoidable.

Leave of Absence Online Form