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Introduction to Nursery

Welcome to Nursery – the place where little people thrive! Play is at the heart of everything we do and together, we embark on a magical journey that empowers every child to follow their wildest dreams. Our mission is to ignite a life-long love of adventure and inspire every little learner to express their truest-self with pride. In our unique and special setting, we believe anything is possible – we are the inspirational imagineers of the future!

Our adventures are inspired by half-termly themes, that delve deep into the fascinating interests of your children. Together, we conquer the Jurassic Land and tell tales of magic at the School of Wizardry in our theme, ‘My Imagination’. In the summer term, Little investigators are destined to come alive when we dig deep into the depths of the dirt in search for sprouting seeds. No matter where we are or what we are doing – we are making memories filled with happiness and fun!

Our class is the first stepping stone of the Silsden Primary journey and we undoubtedly need an extraordinary person to celebrate this! We are Donaldson – inspired by the beloved and incredibly talented children’s author Julia Donaldson. We have three mini-clubs in Nursery and they are all named after the much-celebrated characters of the Grand Gruffalo, the Mighty Mice and the Super Worms. Julia Donaldson’s stories ooze in imagination, unlock dreams and sprinkle happiness wherever they go – this is what we aspire to achieve for your special little people.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) In Nursery and Reception we teach a bespoke curriculum enabling all children to ‘fall in love with learning’.  Our curriculum is based upon the following statutory standards for learning and non-statutory guidance.

Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage – click here

Development Matters – Non-statutory curriculum guidance for EYFS – click here

Silsden Primary School EYFS Curriculum Goals – click here

Silsden Primary School EYFS Skills Progression Map – click here

Long term plan: an overview of the themes taught across the academic year in Nursery and Reception – click here